Rough Guide To Brazilian Electronica: Luiz Macedo

(photo be henrie)

The next track in this is another Suba monster, and while I could easily harp on about Senor Subotic, I've already eulogised the late Master Of Colours before, so I'll skip the excellent Samba Do Gringo Paulista for now. That brings us to...

Luiz Macedo. Again, little info around about this feller, but it would seem that rather than go down the smooth chillout route, or the intellectual drum'n'bass, or whatever, he's just gone for happy Brazilian electro-pop. Bossa Nova, Né, today's track is all about the the Casio demo button bassline, the sharp organ, and the synthesised handclap percussion - little variation, little innovation, but when it's this much fun, really, who cares?

To bulk things out, it's worth mentioning Macedo's stint with Karnak, a Brazilian act named after the temple complex on the Nile. Karnak have also members now in Funk Como Le Gusta (remember them?), Pato Fu and Bojo, and featured one Luiz Macedo on electric guitar between 1992 and 1996. This is from the ever-reliable Wikipedia, who also credit one member as Sândalo's dog (1992/1999). This information doesn't really relate to today's track at all, but you can have too much useless Brazilian music trivia, can you? Tell you what, I'll give you a bonus track to keep you interested.

The Music
Luiz Macedo - Bossa Nova, Né
Karnak - Martim Parangolá

The 'fo
Artist: Luiz Macedo
Website: nope
Recommended: Bossa Electramagnetica
Label: Juke
Buy: Amazon
More: Hype Machine; elbo.ws
If you like this you might like: Sergio Mendes
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PS - Betty fave Sergius Gregory has a new song up on MySpace, a typically gorgeous, sparse little number called No-One Gets Hurt. I recommend you try it on for size.

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