The Rough Guide To Brazilian Electronica: Funk Como Le Gusta

(DJ Patife, photo by Gib546)

Funk Como Le Gusta appear to be one of the few acts on this cd sufficiently together enough to run a website. Damned if I can understand what's going on though, my Portuguese ain't so hot. ST2 records is, just about, in the altogether more navigable English, but it doesn't provide much help. To be fair, this remix is almost more about the remixers than the remixed, so let's hope practicalities don't get in the way.
Funk Como Le Gusta are, as to be expected, a funk band from Brazil. However, to qualify for inclusion on this album, their track has Meu Guarda Chuva has been given the drum'n'bass makeover by DJ Patife and Cosmonautics. Patife is best known - to me at least - for his work with Roni Size, and indeed accompanied him on his Mercury-winning New Forms back in ooh, the mists of time. 1997. He's gone on to have a pretty successful career back in Brazil (including soundtracking Cidade de Deus) and in Europe, especially the UK. In fact, given the propensity to d'n'b remixes on this album, it's no wonder he's played Rock In Rio and generally done quite well for himself. Cosmonautics prove a little harder to track down, but they've worked with Patife on more than one occasion.
Enough of the background blurb then, what of the track. Well, it's beat-heavy - what did you expect? - but still very much a Brazilian thing. It's amazing really; if you had to describe what sounds Brazilian, what would you say? Um, congos? That's about all I can think of without resorting to ridiculous, meaningless sentiments. But every track I've covered so far sounds distinctly, and undebatably Brazilian. It's not smothered with that familiar spasmodic jungle beat, but rather the drum'n'bass touch brings out an already iconic sound, the aggressive, but sultry female vocals adding the power. It's definitely dance music, which is actually what drum'n'bass lacks so often - the ability to dance to the music.
The Music

DJ Patife with more smooth d'n'b featuring one Max Vianna. This one's more in the samba/MPB tradition of Brazilian pop, but definitely worth a listen still.
Funk Como Le Gusta, as they more often sound - funky, jazzy and cool, but lacking the bite of the remix.
Cosmonautics - a bit cool, a bit dancey, a bit funky.
The Music
The 'fo
Artist: Funk Como Le Gusta/DJ Patife/Cosmonautics
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