The Rough Guide To Brazilian Electronica: Rebeca Matta

As promised, right? Today's offering is along different lines to both the chilled grooves and the more frenetic drum'n'bass we've looked at to date. The track is from Matta's 2000 album Garotas Boas Vão Pro Céu, Garotas Más Vão Pra Qualquer Lugar ("Good Girls go to Heaven, Bad Girls go Everywhere"), and is altogether more moody and tempestuous. You see? She looks like that bird from Evanescence.

Matta hails from the Tropicalia stronghold of Salvador, capital of Bahia, but there's little of the playful, chirpy psychedelia of the late 60's in this track. É Que A Vide É... kicks off with a brooding, disorientating sinewave kind of deal, before the loopy, high guitar riff kicks in. Then it's into the almost shouty chorus with it's big old guitars and crunch. It's still electronica really - it's a solo project for a start - but really, it's rooted in the nu-metal that was the thang back in those innocent days. Think System Of A Down influences maybe, think those acts that tried to incorporate tribal percussion in: Ill Nino, even some of Sepultura's efforts. It's pretty heavy at certain points, with the emphasis on an organic percussion style that's chopped up and processed. Much as distaste for nu-metal comes naturally these days, take it in context of 6 years ago and it's a decent track, well-produced and engaging, a lot more so than the fluff that it was competing with it at the time.

The Music
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The 'fo
Artist: Rebeca Matta
Label: Lua Music
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