Dub no bass in my head man

(photo by scumfrog (cc))

It's got really cold, really suddenly here. Since November struck, it went pretty much freezing overnight (literally, Tuesday was fine, Wednesday was bitter) - most of the country is basking in subzero night-times, while in London, with our fug of lovely haze, we're comparatively well-off with an average of +2C. So what better way to celebrate than with the sound of the islands?
Everybody loves reggae right? Like, everybody. I do. I love to throw on a Trojan boxset it work, it calms everybody down if they're stressed, it cheers them up if they're down, it gets them dancing. Which is all good, anyone can dance to some extent to a bit of reggae, whether they're professional skankers or not. For a small island, Jamaica has a pop-musical heritage like virtually nowhere else. Off the top of my head, I can't think of anywhere so small that's produced so much great music, with such an identifiable vibe. So: great! Think reggae, think the summer, think sitting on a beach, think a mixture of reggae titans and classic songs.

The Music

The 'fo