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Just a couple of little things that have tickled me in recent times. The first of which is M. Ward's Chinese Translation, in magical YouTube video format, which I saw on Each Note Secure. Official or not, I just don't know, but it's a charming little animated piece from directors Joel Trussell and Eric Johnson, all sepia tones and olde-worlde Chinese stylings. It really brings out the song, for me at least, which is exceptionally charming in itself.

The other thing to post is Ben Folds. Yes, the Kermit of Rock. I've never been a fan, really, not even inspired to investigate further. But on this weeks Contrast Podcast, Tom from Other People's Toys offered up Landed, probably Folds' best-known track. It's one of those familiar ones that you hear in the background of films, or something. Tom's intro is really touching - I advise you to listen - and it's clearly a song that means a lot to him. Therefore, it's the best sort of song. And what do you know, on proper listening, it's lovely - Ben Folds' delivery is subtly emotional but not overwraught or weird. It's a proper pop song. Sigh.

Ben Folds - Landed

<$>M. Ward/Ben Folds<$>

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Anonymous said...

I suggest you investigate more - Landed is not Ben's most well known song at all, although it is very good. He's got a deep catalogue - I encourage you to find out more, he's maybe one of the most underrated performers out there.