The Rough Guide To Brazilian Electronica: Claudia Telles

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Claudia Telles is not what you would call representative of the Brazilian electronica scene. As daughter of Sylvia Telles, one of Brazil's biggest bossa nova stars, she's inherited the baton of the cantaro, the pop singer, the Brazilian icon. Generally speaking, she's not particularly interesting, which sounds kind of harsh, but really her music is fairly ordinary pop with a little samba beat every now and then.

The track here though, is more interesting. Originally by Tom Jobin, Samba De Uma Nota Só (One-Note Samba) been performed by a host of others including Stan Getz, Al Jarreau, Charlie Byrd, Frank Sinatra and of course Sylvia Telles. Claudia Telles' version eschews the sultry samba beat for a more electro-poppy sound, with it's electric guitar breaks and synth drums over the top of the expected congas and acoustic guitar.

There's not a barrel-load of info floating in the ether, not in English at the least - Claudia has a website, and a blog if you read Portuguese, but if not, you'll have to make do with the song.

Claudia Telles - Samba De Uma Nota Só

Bonus: tracks from Claudia's mother Sylvia - one solo (a subtle, swinging bossa nova), one with Trio Irakitan and Nat 'King' Cole (A typically easy-going Cole number, almost like something from a 50's film).

Sylvia Telles - Fotografia
Nat 'King' Cole with Sylvia Telles and Trio Irakitan

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