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Wandering blissfully through the day in a haze of maximum strength Lemsips, about six weeks later than I'd hoped, I'm proud to present the second You Can Call Me Betty podcast, this time featuring music from around the world, specifically those in the World Cup, even more specifically electronic music from those countries, as that's what's floating my boat at this particular time.

I'm also taking this opportunity to recap the series, and give you a list of links, should you be so inclined as to wish to go back and find them. You'll find this post up on the sidebar soon, as a convenient reference. Don't say I never do anything for you.

So without further ado: the podcast.

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1) Clue To Kalo - As Tommy Fixes Fights (from One Way, It's Every Way)
2) Suba - Tantos Desejos (from Sao Paulo Confessions)
3) Tape - Bell Mountain (from Opera)
4) Depth Affect - Vulcanor (from The Noise & The City)
5) RandomNumber - Fennings (from The Noise & The City)
6) Prefuse 73 - Pagina Cinco (from Reads The Books EP)
7) Savath & Savalas - Te Quiero Pero Por Otro Lado... (from Apropa't)
8) Murcof - Rostro (from Remembranza)
9) Tujiko Noriko & Aoki Takamasa - When The Night Comes (from 28)

The countries and the music:

Angola - Bonga Kuenda and Cesaria Evora

Argentina - Los Violadores, Malas Kostumbres, Charly Garcia, Juana Molina, Manu Chao and Todos Tus Muertos

Australia - Dirty Three, Nick Cave, Clue To Kalo, The Saints

Brazil - Astrud Gilberto/Stan Getz/Joao Gilberto, Os Mutantes, Caetano Veloso, Tom Zé

Costa Rica - Cantoamerica, La Maquina De Hacer Pajaros, Peppino D'Agostino, Kristin Hersh

Croatia - Severina, Bambi Molesters

Czech Republic - Pete Seeger, Druha Trava, Petr Brandejs Band, Deer Lick Holler Boys, Hayseed Dixie

Ecuador - Alpamayo, SIQ, Curare, Industria Masoquista

England - Leatherface, Snuff

France - Serge Gainsbourg, Valier, M83

Ghana - Captain Yaba, Post Office Work Song, Daddy Lumba, The Sweet Talks, Honny & The Bees

Germany - Tarantel, Flyin Saucer Attack, Popol Vuh

Holland - Gabber: Mescalinum United, Rotterdam Terror Corps, DJ Paul Elstak, RTc & Neophyte. Zea

Iran - Oolanbator, Fat Rats, Deep Dish, Amir Baghiri

Italy - Modena City Ramblers, I Ratti Della Sabina, Banda Bassotti, Yo Yo Mundi

Ivory Coast - Didier Bilé, Magic System, Douk Saga

Japan - Japanoise: Merzbow, Tujiko Noriko, Asobi Seksu

Mexico - Murcof, Rodrigo y Gabriela

Paraguay - Nada Infinitum

Poland - Vader

Portugal - David Fonseca, Silence 4

Saudi Arabia - Sound Of Ruby, The Grieving Age

Serbia & Montenegro - Rambo Amadeus, Darkwood Dub

South Korea - K-Pop: Seo Tai-Ji, Lee Jung Hyun

Spain - Savath & Savalas

Sweden - Hellacopters, The Hives, Backyard Babies

Switzerland - Yello

Togo - King Mensah, Bella Bellow

Trinidad & Tobago - Harry Belafonte, Soca: Mighty Sparrow, Baha Men, Arrow, Maximus Dan, Sugar Daddy

Tunisia - ZeMeKen, Checkpoint303, MC Rai

Ukraine - Gogol Bordello, The Ukrainians

USA - Son House, Robert Johnson, Nina Simone, Johnny Cash, Miles Davis, Martha & The Vandellas, James Brown, Grand Funk Railraod, Dead Kennedys, Bruce Springsteen, Public Enemy, REM, Galaxie 500, Rage Against The Machine, Soundgarden, Marah

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SAS Radio said...

Very nice selection. Suba I know, Depth Affect were a great find.