Festivale de Football Day 2: Argentina

En Unión y Libertad - no se banca más

Argentina. The Argentine. La República Argentina. Home of the gaucho, the Patagonia, the bonkers military dictatorship and some fine beef. But home of rock’n’roll? Maybe not quite so obvious.

But, as with any repressive regime, dissidents will out and under Galtieri’s military junta, punk rock was one of the most direct critics of the government (a risky proposition in those days: although not quite the ‘disappeared’ of Chile, don’t think Louis de Bernières was as fictional as might first appear in The War Of Don Emmanuel’s Nether Parts). And this was only a minor stage in the musical development of the land, as we shall see – there’s a fair scene going on.

Things kicked off in the 60’s with bands like Almendra and Los Gatos, followed by acoustic types (Vivencia, Pacificos), then a prog scene (Crucis, El Reloj, Aquelarre).

Rock musicians were publicly denounced by Admiral Massera, however. To be fair, a lot of what passes for rock music today could do with a bit of denunciation, but in mid-70’s Argentina, that seems a bit extreme. Official repression began in 1977, forcing the scene underground (ironic given that a naturally underground scene was forcing it’s way into the mainstream over in the UK and US at the exact same time). This being Latin America, rock’n’roll ended up being supported by the government during the Falklands war, after public opinion made it clear the sound was missed.

Los Violadores – Veijos Pateticos (site)
Malas Kostumbres - Por 1980 Y Otros Tantos (A (very Ramones-y) Vialodores cover)
Charly Garcia – Los Dinosaurios (site)

Things are a bit chirpier nowadays in la república: blogger’s favourite Juana Molina has won massive plaudits for her music, for example, and Jose Gonzalez is of Argentine descent and is winning acclaim (although sorry, just don't get the appeal. That car advert song? Boring as).

Juana Molina – Rio Seco
Manu Chao y Todos Tus Muertos - Hijo Nuestro & Guantaramera (this one was a random SoulSeek find, but it’s fantastic! Loads of fun, plus Manu Chao, who’s ace)

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PS – Burning Oak appears to be doing a similar thing to I: good luck to him!

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