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I was all prepared to make a Shakespeare-themed post. but this evening finds me seething with a quiet rage, wishing slow, hideous deaths upon white van drivers. For such drivers have written off my automobile and caused serious anger issues at my end.
I'm not really an angry person at all. Most things slide off my back, and indeed I think that soon this too will pass and the positives will out. But for now, anger. After all, if you're crossing a roundabout and it's you're right of way, I think one has a right to be angry if somebody pulls out in front of you driving far too fast, so that you have to swerve to deaden the impact. Even more so if said van driver refuses to accept culpability, against literally every iota of common sense, which will no doubt lead to a protracted procedure, inevitably ending in me getting my minimal payout sometime ready for the Olympics.

I am an optimist at heart. I look on the bright side of life, so to speak, and goodness knows I've had car problems before. This will save me having to get a new light casing to pass the MoT, and I've been thinking about getting a new motor for a while, but I wasn't expecting it just yet... Call me a fatalist though, I'm happy to believe that these things happen for a purpose, and maybe I'll do OK out of it.

For now though, it's REALLY ANNOYING.

To commemorate, here's Castle Donington's finest, Road Rage, with the ace When We Were Boys from the BYO sampler Greetings From The Welfare State (as previously mentioned).

Road Rage - When We Were Boys

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Rachel said...

Errrr, I totally understand and I am so sorry. In November I was at lunch and some lady thought it would be a good idea to cross three lanes through cars stopped at a light to get into the left hand turning lane...Well since I can't see her and I am driving in the left hand turning lane I took her whole front end off and totaled my car in the process. I was devastated, but you know things ended up working out way better than I had ever expected.

I hope everything smooths out in your favor, great song under the circumstances! Thinking of you. :)

Nilina said...

I am officially obsessed with that license plate

Johnny said...

Last week I had a nearly miss accident.
One is as I was driving towards Pioneer Road from Upper Jurong Road, on my left slightly ahead of me by about one and half car length (surely should be able to see from the side view mirror), was a van and a heavy industrial lorry truck in front of the van. Obviously, the speed wasn't fast for them, at the most they were about 60km/h. But I was already travelling at 90km/h, fast approaching the right side of the van, then suddenly, without any signalling nor warning, the van man just sway out right in front of me and I was barely a few feet away from the driver's door, I know even if I jam and slam my break and I will still hit the van and the driver, as such, no choice, I took a evasive move by steering away from the van to my right and horn loudly, into next lane on my right. Thank God that wasn't any car or other motorist close by, or else, a serious accident is sure to happen.