Give 'Em Hope

The title is somewhat misleading.

Yesterday, I spent maybe the most depressing day of my working life filling envelopes with letters, for an entire day - I did my share of 35,000 letters that had to be posted that day. I'm telling you, the tension, you wouldn't believe it.

Anyway, the reason was that staff at the institution wherein I work had decided to strike, and thus we, the admin donkeys had to send out these letters to explain the situation to all those who might be affected. I don't really approve of striking. I'm not a member of any union nor do I plan to be, and any greivance at work I feel I have the ability to resolve it without resorting to ridiculous threats and comical posturing. Much as it might amuse me for a half hour or so to stand out in the cold yelling SCAB at anyone nearby, on Holloway Road this is likely to get you more than a cheery nod of approval.

Also, I'm not going to support anything that gives me a thousand letters a day to stuff, I feel this is not quite right.

Newtown Grunts - Solidarity. This is a cover of the elderly Angelic Upstarts track about the Polish shipworker strikes of the Lech Walesa-era 1980's, updated for the Liverpool dockworkers strikes. It came to my mind when the dispute was raised here, and it's a cool enough track if you like your punk rock to barrel along and shout "Oi!" at you as it passes. It's from an album on BYO Records from a few years back, to try and get some of those crazy So.Cal yanks to listen to British punk rock, and features some great contributions from Leatherface (I couldn't miss the opportunity to post up their excellent 'Boogie On Down', maybe the most poignant and romantic song ever to be buried in utterly indistinguishable hardcore), and also Snuff, Road Rage, Airbomb ranting about the TV and Melksham's finest Citizen Fish.


Em said...

Woooh! Anti-strike action, eh? And kinda almost sounding anti-union. Controversial, Simone. I have to strongly disagree. In a capitalist society, whereby our very survival is based on our ability to earn money and thus we have no option but to work, it's vital that we have the right to say "Basta!" Otherwise we leave ourselves wide open to wholesale exploitation by those collectively known as "the man". And he is a bad man, who will mercilessly screw the unprotected at every opportunity.
We have relatively good worker protection in this country, but it was not always thus, (I'm thinking millworkers during the industrial revolution) and many people have to work for employers more unscrupulous than ours. It is a principal that needs to be upheld and supported. Strikes may cause inconvenience and annoyance, but I can't help thinking they're better than a life of powerless subjugation and aquiesence to those who weild power over us.

Oh Simone said...

But I had to stuff letters.