One Better Than Emo

There's an unwritten rule amongst devotees of the emo: the more words in your title the better. Four is a good number: Planes Mistaken For Stars, Death Cab For Cutie, et cetera ad hoc; three if you're less picky about what you listen to: Jimmy Eat World maybe, or Coheed & Cambria.

Owen Ashworth goes one better, at the same time avoiding being your standard emo kid by a fair extent. He goes by the wonderful moniker Casiotone For The Painfully Alone totalling five (count 'em) words. So that's either uber-emo or some sort of new strain, a mutation if you will. And so, CFTPA (as he will henceforth be known).

Website: http://www.cftpa.org/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/cftpa
Live Journal: http://cftpaforever.livejournal.com/
(This guy clearly has his internet head screwed on)

Ashworth started out literally just on a battery-powered keyboard (in these days of rechargable iPods and such gizmos, no-one gives due attention to the humble battery these days. The wee aliens in *batteries not included must be turning in their graves, presuming they're dead by now). This year's Etiquette broadens the pallette substantially and is lovely , still rooted in the reverb-beat-y electro but with warmth; humanity; a bit of life about it. Distinguishable vocals, for a start, which lifts it out of comparisons with allegedly more cerebral artists, and puts Ashforth out of competition with anyone. Because there's no obvious comparisons - in fact, listening to the music makes you think that even if there were, what's the point in a comparison? Why bother rating somebody above another? Just listen to the damn music and enjoy it.

CFTPA's new record came out today on Tomlab, a label he shares with such luminaries as Final Fantasy, Patrick Wolf, and the Books (beloved of here). I advise you buy it.

In the meantime, listen at Betty's jukebox.
Cold White Christmas
Bobby Malone Moves Home


Em said...

"Less picky"? Coheed and Cambria kick the puny white asses of Death Cab. You have gone too far this time. I will now have to kill you.

Oh Simone said...

I've never listened to Death Cab, I just wanted a reaction. I don't hold with this technical emo nonsense, it doesn't make sense, therefore Coheed & Cambria = nto good.

Em said...

That's because Coheed isn't emo. It's techy math rock. They're full on metal kings. They have a giant guillotine on stage during their live shows. A giant guillotine!

Oh Simone said...

Meh. They whine like girls.

Have you actually listened to the Casiotone mp3s?

Em said...

Yes. I think I am better (but then I have an ego the size of Texas). He certainly needs more giant guillotine action though.