Head out on the iWay

As I drove, windswept and buffeted by slipstreams, back to the Smoke accompanied by my trusty steed (a slightly worn looking 16 year old Polo), Percy Sledge and a packet of Fruit Pastilles, I pondered the theme of driving songs that literally none of you have helped with. So screw you, I'm going to put tracks that I have in my car.

In my opinion, the perfect album (as related to the perfect pop song) is 45 minutes in length - exactly the right time to fit on one side of a 90 minute cassette tape. In my journeyings, last time (given the favourable traffic conditions of Easter Sunday evening), my trip lasted exactly 1 Funeral, one Show Your Bones and an extra Maps. This time, stuck in the traffic on the M25 it took a good one and a third 90 minute Sledge compos. I measure driving time not in miles, nor in hours, but in albums. It seems to make perfect sense to me.

It also got me thinking - why has no-one yet applied the twentyfirst century's most ubiquitous prefix to this monolithic civil engineering feat? Given it's proximity and relevance to London, famous for it's 'cockneys' (say it out loud), and it's fancy, smooth good looks, it's a wonder that we haven't been introduced to the new, improved, 12-lane iWay. It seems so right as to be awesome. It doesn't make the surroundings look any less exciting - come friendly bombs, fall on Slough as a wise man once said - but it is nice and smooth and the trusty steed appreciates this. The trusty steed is old, and whilst assuredly trusty, is most definitely showing her age. This is demonstrated by the duct tape holding the sunroof on coming unstuck as one enters the A40, creating a fearful rasping noise. It's shown by the fact that if the wind is whistling through my window, I have to risk pushing it up at 80 miles an hour with my hands, as the handle doesn't fit on anymore. It's shown by the fact that my luggage is in the back seat because the boot doesn't open.

It's quirky and I love it to bits, but if anyone wants to donate a nice new car, I wouldn't say no to retiring this one.

Arcade Fire - Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels)
Funeral backs the Yeah Yeah Yeah's new one on a tape in the car

Percy Sledge - Try A Little Tenderness
Full-on classic time
buy it (again if neccessary)

Four Tet - She Moves She
Just because it's great for cruising round the hood and all, without the need for hip hop suspension on the car

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