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I haven't posted about Adem. I don't understand. I listened to Homesongs a while ago and came to the conclusion that it's a wonderful, wonderful thing (and all lovingly prepared in North London's own Stokie); I think I've mentioned that before but not so much Love And Other Planets, Adem Ilhan's new album, out on Domino.

I think that maybe this is not as immediately attention-grabbing as Homesongs - Statued (from the debut) is some opening track, and Warning Bells (from this one) takes a little more getting used to. Persevere though, and you find a song easily the equal of anything on Homesongs - that's the theme here; the songs take a few listens to really appreciate. People don't give this sort of the thing the time these days, what with their impatience and their interwebs and the like, but please do. It's a lovely record.

Adem - Love And Other Planets

Adem - You And Moon

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