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It's a funny old thing, this internet business. There's all these made up words now, not least blog. Blogosphere, the world of blogs. There's whole business' set up around blogs, and all these crazy other things that hang onto it.

And it's ace! I get to find out about new things, I get to rant about stuff, I get to make new buddies (well, you never know...). I'm not about to start blogging my lunch here (jacket potato with chilli), but I've veered dangerously close to both emo-blog and minor death-threats.
So here's a few useful links of things I keep discovering:

Technorati: note your blog on here and you can track who's linking to you, search the whole blogosphere very accurately and generally have fun.

BlogCode: I've yet to get it to work properly, but the idea is that it'll provide recommendations based on the blogs you like, which sounds wise indeed.

Bloglines: One of many RSS aggregators which'll update automatically with each new post.

There's many more things I'm scared of (at least til I have broadband at home), so maybe I'll update this some time.

PS just noted: Dick Cheney Flash Game! Didn't take long. It's harder than it looks.

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