Kristin #3: I'm A Wreck When He's Here

The track I've chosen today contains probably my single favourite rhyming couplet. Obviously, that's a fairly sweeping statement and I've no idea whether it would hold up to intense scrutiny. However, it's certainly one of my favourites, and although sung from the girl's point of view, it sums up the feeling that you get when you're totally besotted with someone, that even things that wouldn't normally appeal to anyone rational take on a new beauty. It's written with such poetry, and sung with such conviction (as always), that it really struck me the first time I heard it.

And when he drools,
It's like he's spitting jewels.

I say poetry, it seems even clumsy at first to use a word like "drools" in what is essentially a love song, but given the tone of the rest of the song, which summarises those feelings of panic you get when the object of your affection is around, it seems just right.

'Some Catch Flies' is from Strange Angels, released in 1998 on 4AD. If you like this one, I highly recommend getting the whole album as it's full of gems: 'Home', 'Like You' and 'Heaven' are among my favourite Kristin songs, and 'Gazebo Tree' is an absolute classic.

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