Kristin #2: This Has Another Ending

As I said yesterday, Kristin's gigs are some of the most amazing I've seen. There's really no other performer I've seen that has such a connection with an audience. I've been lucky enough to see Fifty Foot Wave once (at the Garage, Highbury Corner, London) and Kristin solo twice, at the Barfly in Camden and the Scala in Kings Cross.
Both these solo shows were a treat. Ably supported by the McCarricks on strings, (it freaked me out first time I saw Martin McCarrick - didn't you used to be in Therapy?), these are mostly just K and her guitar. I would advise getting to one of these shows if you can, not only are the songs beautifully rendered, but the warmth of feeling between audience and performer is almost tangible. You also get the stories behind the songs, which are consistently hilarious.
I'm posting today 'Delicate Cutters', from the Live At Noe Valley Ministry album (which is available at www.throwingmusic.com), from 2001. It's certainly not an easy-going song (few of Kristin's songs are), in fact it's a particularly gut-wrenching one in any version. I've never heard anything quite like it live.

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