The Day Doncaster Fought Back

I wasn't going to go into a long spiel like I expected I might, merely to offer up a couple more tracks by the mighty Dogdrill.
They did one of the two gigs that I consider the finest I've ever seen. All wife-beaters and overdriven amps, they rocked Southampton's Joiners Arms to it's very core. Hug Kelly hit the drums harder than I've ever seen anyone else do it. Damo Fowkes plays a massive bass but actually has a kind of squeaky voice. And Pete Spiby... who doesn't love a man who'll happily gaffa-tape a voicebox to his face to get the right sound? He works in the publishing game now, as far as I know - last seen working for Everett True's 'Careless Talk Costs Lives' (or was it 'Loose Lips Sink ships'? I forget).

The only other contender, by the way, was Tanya Donelly at the Bush Hall, Shepherd's Bush, summer 2004. Right the opposite end of the spectrum, a hushed acoustic set, but just what I was looking for at the time.

Anyway: I have two tracks tonight.
Personal, again from 'Half Nelson'; and
The Best Sex In Texas, my introduction to the band and the meanest, heaviest riff the band produced. It's from 'Every Six Seconds'. Both the albums were released on Mantra.

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