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They announced the Bloggies yesterday. In a fairly indecent and outrageous circumvention of justice, I was not represented, most likely for political reasons. However, it got me scouting around for good ones to stick in my RSS feeder, and so I present - for no reason other than that I just typed a really long post about chocolate digestives, upon completion of which Internet Explorer crashed - the blogs I read on a regular basis.

ThrowingMusic - Kristin Hersh, formerly of Throwing Muses, now of Fifty Foot Wave. She's jsut released an EP entirely for free, without catch, which you can get to via the blog. Oh yeah, it's also awesome, as is Kristin.

London Review Of Breakfasts - a blog extolling the virtues of the ultimate decadence, going out for breakfast.

Londonist - all London stuff, probably only interesting to those living in the Smoke, but darn good all the same.

Spoilt Victorian Child - naming yourself after a Fall song has considerably more credability than misquoting a Paul Simon song: fortunately, this is a great mp3 blog as well.

Abstract Boy - another good mp3 blog, this time Englishman-In-Berlin ish.

Heartcrushingfear - as emo a blog as you'll find here.

Fark - Comedy gold, photoshops and rounding up all the dopey-Floridian news stories, it's more a public service than a blog.

Guardian Vulture Culture - because I'm highbrow.

Radio Brand Coffee - cool and the gang short stories.

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