This is this year's list of the familiar and the not so, things I'll be taking home for Christmas. Separated cruelly from my CDs for two weeks, one has to pick and choose. No iPod here, although this is potentially to be rectified in the coming two weeks: old-fashioned CD walkman it is, and a 25-capacity holder.

Arcade Fire - Funeral: didn't make it on to the top ten by dint of it being number one in last year's NoRipcord list, which goes some way towards deciding mine. Could well have challenged for the top spot otherwise.
Rephlexions - Rephlex label sampler from which I recognise no names. Have had it for months, have listened to it none. Needs work on.
Branches And Routes - FatCat label sampler, feat. Sigur Ros, Mùm, Björk.
Manitoba - Up In Flames: thanks Em.
Manitoba - Start Breaking My Heart: ditto.
Jamie Lidell - Multiply: ditto the ditto.
Sigur Ròs - Takk...: pronounced 'tock', apparently.
Throwing Muses - In A Doghouse: 2 disc reissue, with eponymous debut, Chains Changed EP, the Doghouse Cassette, and rerecorded bonus tracks.
Four Tet - Rounds: what most electronica wishes it was.
Kristin Hersh - The Grotto: bleakest and sparsest solo album yet.
Kristin Hersh - Sunny Border Blue: the polar opposite of Kristin's solo career, much fuller and full band arrangements.
The Delivery Room - a Leaf label sampler, feat. Manitoba, Rob Ellis, A Hawk And A Hacksaw.
Gorillaz - Demon Days: Albarn goes nuts.
Low - The Great Destroyer: you think this one is unlike Low, you wait til you see what else is on the list.
Hood - Outside Closer: mmm, acoustic guitars.
Efterklang - Tripper: just what every home needs, Danish electronica slash post-rock.
Mogwai - EP+6: earlyish Mogwai goodness including no less than two Christmas themed numbers.
Mogwai - Kicking A Dead Pig: remix album featuring Gwai reworkings from Hood, Arab Strap, Alec Empire, µ-ziq, My Bloody Valentine and more. 2 Like Herod's, 4 ...Fear Satans.
Low - Christmas: that's right, everyone's favourite romantic mopers tackle the Little Drummer Boy.
50 Foot Wave - Free Music/Bug: download Free Music for free, no catches, not one.

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