When I Was Growing Up, I Always Wanted To Be Monkey


I almost cry - I just penned a diatribe on today's subject then accidentally deleted it. Mmm, computers. I'd love to be able to incorporate this little anecdote somehow into today's opine, but it's asking quite a lot.

Themes included:
Demon Days
Blur and the concept of Damon Albarn
Raising the game of what's commercial these days
Cartoons, yet less cartoony. How can this be?
Blur vs. Oasis glasses
Forward-looking yet palatable...
Critical and commercial acclaim, that sounds unlikely
Look! Ike Turner plays the joanna
Monkeys and zombies? What more would you want?
Actually uniformly high-class
Dennis Hopper, what a guy
MF Doom = MM Food - genius - guest here - symbolic - no
Hip hop, yet not approaching Fiddy
Catwalk hat principle: high ideas crammed through a populist sieve
Pleasingly retrospective, yet very now
Well done Albarn

Maybe you get the idea, the original flowed a little better than that. Anyway, our number three slot is occupied by Gorillaz' Demon Days, featuring the Dennis Hopper-narrated 'Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head.' http://s49.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0JNC76DRXESES2F480IOZ33U4H

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