The Rough Guide To Brazilian Electronica: Tejo-Instituto

(photo by uncleweed)

The song Ohhh! isn't nearly as pornographic as it's title suggests. We looked briefly at Instituto before, and this is Rica Amabis and Tejo Damasceno working on their own material this time (as opposed to the previous remix). So let's have a look at this song and see why the erotic exhalation of the title has been applied, shall we?

On first listen, this is another of those tracks which this cd is all about, cool percussion, female vocals, a bit of a samba. But listen a bit deeper and it's all a lot more involved than that. From the computer voices to the jostling vocal samples, from the repetitive, muted guitar motif to the synthed-up brass melodies. It's consistently interesting in a way that little of these days' electronica is: lots going on, all sorts of crazy different things happening, but set to an accessible backbeat and, as always, immediately evocative of the artistes' homeland. On close inspection, I'd go so far as to label it a highlight here, and the slightly breathless female vocalist clearly agrees. While, as I said, it's not so vividly erotic as you might imagine, there's enough sensual indulgence here to appeal to the most sordid mind, as long as that sordid mind was also willing to dance sexy on the beach.

So, not perverted at all, but a little bit of a surreptitious thrill - isn't that what you look for in music? Not to have the senses as the main, let's see, thrust of the piece, but certainly have them tickled. There's enough going on here to appeal to the individual that's looking for a pop song to dance to, or an electronica beat to analyse, or a sultry song to get them in the mood. Good job Amabis & Damasceno.

The Music
Tejo-Instituto - Ohhh!

The 'fo
Artist: Rica Amabis
Recommended: Colecao Nacional
Label: Trama
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