Remix Me. I'm Going In...#7: Boom Bip

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Boom Bip is Echo Park resident (apparently - and disappointingly - nothing to do with Echo Beach, far away in time) Bryan Hollon. He submits a nice, spacious, airy reworking of No More Mosquitos for Four Tet's Remixed disc, and very pleasant it is too. Mr Hollon is more of a hip hop head in general, although this year's Blue Eyed In The Red Room seems to take a more varied, more eclectic approach - witness the MySpace tracks from the album to get a sense of that. Seems like Hollon actually comes from an altogether different base: before he got his first credit card c.1992 his passion was hardcore punk. We've all been there, I love me a bit of Good Riddance every now and then.

But the lure of the turntable was too strong and hence was born Boom Bip as we know him now. It's pretty varied, interesting stuff, usually with a strong emphasis on beat. This ends up coming off really, really well on some tracks, and kind of weakly club-anthem-ish on others, but where it does work it's pretty ace. I recommend Girl Toy, downloadable from MySpace and below. Check out also Hollon's other remix work, including Mogwai, Hot Hot Heat and M83.

Note on remixed track: No More Mosquitoes was the first Four Tet song I heard (available from the ever-(as was)-indispensable Epitonic, the related article of which hasn't been updated in over five years. Anyway, it's a wonderful song - one of the few Hebden creations to feature discernable vocals, it's got this fascinating intro. A mosquito buzzes around until the thwack which ends its existence, which in turn becomes the massive opening beat of the track and coincides with the big ol' bassline. Highly recommended.

The Music
Four Tet - No More Mosquitoes
Boom Bip - Girl Talk

The 'fo
Artist: Boom Bip
Website: boom-bip.com, MySpace
Recommended: Blue Eyed In The Red Room
Label: Lex
Buy: Amazon
More: Hype Machine; elbo.ws
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