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Sometimes, it only takes one song, sometimes only one phrase to make you fall in love with an act. I have no idea if that's going to happen with Daedelus, but a melody from his most recent album has caught my ear tonight while I was listening to it as background music to some hardcore email checking. I've got no idea why; I've got no idea if it's a good song, yet, even. But something about Daedelus' Viva Vida grabbed me while I listened to it the first time, enough to make me want to go and listen to it over and over again.

There are not enough rock stars called Alfred. Not only is Daedelus' real name Alfred, but it's Alfred Weisberg-Roberts, which is just brilliant. I was first aware of this chappie through the lovely old Epitonic, which has now descended into a Flash-based hell, but used to be great (if infrequently updated). Anyway, I ended up with his bleepy-typey A Mashnote, from 2001's Freeways (a Dublab IDM special) which, I've since discovered, is not really representative. While it's not cold in itself, it's certainly kind of beard-scratchingly pseudy (in a good way of course, I love that sort of thing), whereas the rest of Daedelus' output is characterised by a warmth and human emotion reminiscent of my boy Clue To Kalo.

But then, maybe Alf's latest, Daedelus' latest ...Denies The Day's Demise (great title, btw...) isn't so representative either, because the bulk of D's output seems to be a more Ninja Tune/hip hop influenced style, some Shadow-y samples-based stuff, guest spots from Madlib, Anti-Pop Consortium et al. I have no problem with a changing sound though, especially when it works out this nicely: although DDTDD is going to take a little while to seep in, I'm all the more inclined to give it the time of day just based on the first few tracks, and especially Viva Vida. It's a mish-mash, if you will: oboe or bassoon opens things up, followed by an almost bossa beat. Then the French style accordion and Alf's low, slightly drunken vocals. It's a really pretty melody, and sets the tone for the rest of the album, which is cheery and sweet and cute and quirky, full of big banks of the most right-sounding, natural-sounding synths. Is nice.

The Music
Daedelus - Viva Vida
Daedelus - A Mashnote

The 'fo
Artist: Daedelus
Website: daedelusdarling.com
Recommended: Daedelus Denies The Day's Demise
Label: Ninja Tune
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More: Hype Machine; elbo.ws; epitonic
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mjrc said...

oh, viva vida is indeed nice. and i'm pretty sure that's a bassoon, which you simply don't hear enough of in pop music these days. : )