Woo hoo all the way

(photo by Tub Gurnard)

This week's forthcoming HappyHappyJoyJoy-themed Contrast Podcast is very appropriate, in many ways. I am happy, right now (in a turn-up for the books), for a number of reasons.

1) I have tomorrow off work, the first day I've been allowed to take since July.
2) I get to go to Ikea and possibly imbibe many meatballs
3) We've finally sorted out getting a new flatmate in, just a week after the fairly gross Australian departed. Just as we were starting to get worried, the nicest one out of everyone that's seen the room said yes, and we breathed a big sigh of relief.
4) We have now an official excuse for the slightly weird ones who haven't said either way yet, and for the completely weird Scot who also came this arvo.
5) Tomorrow = lie-in
6) Friday coming means a Freelance Hellraiser set at the Academy, which in turn means lots of comedy mashups, innit. Fun times ahead.
7) From this week, work will be minimal for a good month or two.

Many reasons to be happy. I'm up and down like a yo-yo, me.

To celebrate: an alternate choice for the coming CP, and another excuse to post Four Tet. Happy Happy Joy! Joy!

The Music
Four Tet - Smile Around The Face

The 'fo
Artist: Four Tet
Website: fourtet.net
Recommended: Everything Ecstatic
Label: Domino
Buy: Amazon; Domino
More: Hype Machine; elbo.ws
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