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There's a book on my chest of drawers in my room, by the door so I see it frequently. It's V by Thomas Pynchon, a book that I need to devote more time than I have to - maybe a holiday, as it's difficult to get into in the short bursts that I have. Anyway, the press quote on the front, from Time magazine says "few books haunt the waking or sleeping mind, but this is one." Today's song isn't quite that, but it's certainly beginning to haunt me. I first heard it as SAS Radio's contribution to the Best Of The Year Contrast Podcast recently, and it's ingrained itself indelibly since then. What tipped me over the edge was hearing it on Swedish internet pop radio recently - this is obviously a song with potential to be a big hit.

Providing of course that the comically offensive intro is removed, this is the most catchy, and therefore chartworthy, song that I've heard in an age. Teddybears Sthlm are from Stockholm, Sweden, hence the soubriquet, and purvey a kind of party rap on this song. If that has you shivering, bear in mind that it's a savvy and intelligent mix, with a nice lot of bleeping and blipping, and a great turn from Swing Fly, so that it has a slightly aggressive feel as well, to go with the boom-chika-boom-chika-boom-chi-boom-boom bassline. I don't know what it is about it, but it'll fix itself in your mind like a limpet.

As usual I'm late to the party, so you'll be able to find loads about the band on other blogs, but if you haven't heard Hey Boy, take yourself a listen now.

The Music
Teddybears Sthlm - Hey Boy (feat. Swing Fly)

The 'fo
Artists: Teddybears Sthlm
Websites: teddybearssthlm.com
Soft Machine
Big Beat
More: Hype Machine; elbo.ws
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mjrc said...

i really dig this song, too, and i'm about the least likely person to listen to hip hop that there is. i love the intro, esp., makes me laugh every time.

FiL said...

Oh Simone, sooo glad you posted this! Like Marcy, I've had this stuck in my head ever since that podcast. Their "Soft Machine" arrived the other day (sidebar: see, mp3 blogging DOES increase music sales!!) & I'm looking forward to giving it a listen.

Oh, and it's all about getting stoned and drunk, natch...

cchang said...

ANother oen to add to the earworm pile...oh the dancing that occurs in my home when "Hey Boy" comes on! It's quite comedic as everyone shakes their booty during the boom-chicka part. I loved this song immediately and I ordered "Soft Machine" right after I heard the Best of 2006 pt. 3 CP. Yes, I agree FiL, mp3 blogging DOES increase music sales, darnit!