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I'm taking the contentious, not-posting-the-original route today. Mostly because its the Beatles and Apple are notoriously tetchy about Beatles songs being offered for free, or so I'm led to believe. Anyway, the cover tune is the main point today, and I'm offering one from a band brand new to me, kindly brought to my attention by the good people at Fat Cat Records.

I'm pretty useless at giving promo cd's a timely listen, but I made an effort this time to stick Songs Of Green Pheasant's album Aerial Days on the mp3 player and give it a whirl. And of course, because I'm posting about it today, the day I first heard it, it made an impression on me. The record on the whole has something of the nu-folk about it, but a lot more swirly, trippy psychedelia. In a kind of subtle way though: I'm not talking Love here, I'm talking Simon & Garfunkel a capellas with sitar and just the occasional beat. Even the occasional electronic beat, which is pleasant.

I really like the vocals most about this album. This is where I bring in the S&G reference, because they have that close-miked, heavily-reverbed tone which just suited the slightly woozy state of my head this morning. There's some lovely songs on here, but the reason I'm posting under a Cover Me... banner is, obviously, a cover. Dear Prudence was one of those classic Lennon/guru/India/celebrity hippy moments, famously regarding Mia Farrow's sister Prudence. It's a droney, acoustic number in it's original, and Songs Of Green Pheasant's cover does nothing to take away from the original vibe of the track. Drums are sparse, layered sitar and acoustic wash over you while you soak in the far-away-sounding lyrics. If it wasn't such a well-known song it would be really tricky to make them out, but as literally everyone and their pet gecko knows the song, it's not a problem. Difficult as it can be to record a cover of such a famous tune, I think Mr Duncan Sumpner, for it is he, has done admirably here.

The Music
Songs Of Green Pheasant - Dear Prudence

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The 'fo
Artist: Songs Of Green Pheasant
Websites: Fat Cat artist page
Recommended: Aerial Days
Label: Fat Cat
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