The Boogie Van

(Photo by gnomatron)

Now we're talking. It's a new car, and it's better than I could have hoped for. Gone are the days of not being able to open the boot, or the driver's side window. Gone is the sunroof held on by duct tape. Reinstated is the glove compartment and a working radio. Introduced is electric windows, aircon, central locking, and lumbar support. Introduced is a decent sized engine.

The despair of seeing the beloved old VW hideously disfigured - looking like, as pointed out to me, something of a stroke victim - has turned to joy with the most expensive thing I've ever bought. I know, I know, money can't buy you happiness, and I'm content to go along with that, but money (or rather, virtual money) can buy you comfort and style in the travelling sphere.

Ah, I'm king of the road. And king of the road says, you're moving too slow. Who better to rock'n'roll along the roads to than the ultimate in petrolhead stoner-rock, the hairy but strangely thrilling Fu Manchu.

Fu Manchu - King Of The Road

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The Hopeless Jazz Werewolf said...

After my not so better half managed to write off our car yesterday, I can empathise. Thankfully I've not seen the wreckage - maybe I should for closure.
Still, it's tempered by the excitement of having to buy a new car (with a CD player!!) which is further tempered by imminent poverty.

On the plus side, both you and she are uninjured.

Oh Simone said...

Ah, the new car/poverty conundrum.

Get the car! It's so worth it!

kitten said...

It's red, the seats are comfortable and it smells of chips! I don't know a lot about cars but I feel these are all good things.

The only thing missing in my opinion is a shiny green snake.

FiL said...

Thanx for the Fu Manchu track. I now blast it whenever I'm in a FiLmobile. Stoner rock at its hot-dangest!!

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! » » »