Things They Lost In The Fire

(Photo by Phil Gyford)

Event gigs. I love 'em. And few have been more of an event for me than last night's Low gig at Koko, in which they played a full rendition of Things We Lost In The Fire for ATP's Don't Look Back series. Other concerts in the run include Isis, John Martyn, Tindersticks and quite impressively, Ennio Morricone. But the highlight for me was always going to be Low, as this is one of may favourite albums ever ever.

A full review will follow at some point, but suffice to say it was a fantastic gig: highlights included an intense and brooding White Tail, fan favourite Laser Beam and the closing In Metal, then after a brief interlude, some classics from other albums including (That's How To Sing) Amazing Grace, 2-Step and Cue The Strings.

Things noticed: Alan Sparhawk is kind of twitchy; Matt Livingston has Reese Witherspoon's chin; Mimi Parker has scary hair; Low are awesome.

Low live (video) (from Low's website)

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