And Now For Something Completely Different

In a break from the football related madness, today sees the introduction of the inaugural You Can Call Me Betty podcast. You will truly be able to say you were here for the start of something special.

You Can Call Me Betty - the podcast (right-click, save as) ignore this, leftclick it like any sane person would do.

Please excuse all the um's and aah's - this was a challenge rather than an extension of my gift, I think... Also, the feed/subscriber-y thing hasn't yet worked out. That will be something to followed up on, I promise.

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You Can Call Me Betty will be taking a week-long holiday starting today, so if you don't see anything here next week, that's why. I am setting homework though. I'm going to go nuts on the last post of Festivale de Football because its the good ol' US of A. Now, I'm looking for what you think is the archetypal American song - one that you think sums up America on tape. drop me an email or leave a comment, and hopefully I'll include them.

Until then: I've been Simone.


Rilo said...

I would have to go for 'The Boss' -Born in the USA. Not purley because of the title. The telecaster, The blue jeans, HIS NAME sounds 'very' American. Female artist hmmm.... it'd have to be Dolly Parton.

unknown said...

I can't explain this at all but for some reason the first song that came into my head after reading this was...

'Fight the power' by Public Enemy.

And I suppose just about any Johnny Cash song - especially those ones he recorded with June.

GPT by Martha Wainwright?

Oh, and 4th of July by Galaxie 500 - a pretty significant date for our USofA friends!

SAS Radio said...

For the life of me I can't get the file - do I have to have some kind of special relationship with rapidshare or something?

Thx for the link, btw - I would like to check out the podcast all the same.

unknown said...

Actually, Martha is Canadian isn't she... sorry, sorry, sorry...

BVS said...

"Cross Road Blues" by Robert Johnson

3 Reasons:

1) The Blues is an American-originated genre.
2) The song is about selling your soul to get what you want - what could be more corporate American than that?
3) It influenced just about everything ever made after it.

And i should know, i'm American.

Oh Simone said...

Well done y'all!

(How was that?)

M. SAS Radio - I hope to do the file as a yousendit soonish as well, I'll try and remember to let you know. It's also going up on somebody else's feed, so you can subscribe to it as well. At least, that's the plan.

Kraigg said...

I know I'm WAY late, but to neglect Grand Funk Railroad's "We're An American Band" would be a travesty.

The lyrics alone are worth more than gold. Plus, there is an actual video for this song, although the tune was released well before the advent of MTV. The video footage is...
Well, see for yourself:

Or just run a search at YouTube. Pure redneck American fun.