Festivale de Football Day 7a: Czech Republic

Isn't it always the way? Just yesterday, mere hours after I had posted about Croatians being generally bonkers in the music field, Marathonpacks goes and ups the stakes with the amazing Levon Levan. Today, literally minutes after I finish off the Czech Republic I'm befriended on MySpace by Josh Hartnett's character in the Virgin Suicides. However, the music isn't all that bad. Think M83's latest album as a major sonic reference point, full of bombast with maybe a few more Euro-house chops.

There's no tracks available to download, so visit and listen at their MySpace site.

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burningoak.com said...

levon levan was a winner, I used him for my croatia post after seeing marathonpacks' post. I mean, who the hell else do I know from Croatia?

Oh Simone said...

Plus, did you watch the video? The guy's awesome.