I Am Extradited, Uninvited

Today is May 16th. This is cause for celebration because:
a) There's a song title with this exact name.
b) It happens to be a great song.
c) As far as I can recall, I've never remembered to post a song relevant to the day before, so that's nice.

At the same time, the downside of being without an internetted computer at home is that if I want to post a song, I have to remember it the day before, stick it on my mini USB pen thingy (from Next, no less), bring it to work, transfer it to the work computer, upload it to yousendit and post it here. A hassle I am not overly inclined to put myself through, I'm sure you can sympathise. Any guilt I may have had about wasting work time has rapidly assuaged as I look over and see my manager sticking World Cup football stickers in an album. I work harder than that.

So what happens now? I can't taunt you by not posting a song, can I? Neither can I post it tomorrow, it's relevance being well and truly nullified by then. Well, having searched the Hype Machine fruitlessly, and being thoroughly perplexed by the array of options available, yet strangely useless, via Google, I've resorted with the advice of one B. Salvatore to the new, improved, freebie-tastic Napster. You can have up to five listens to Lagwagon's May 16th, and indeed the whole of it's parent album Let's Talk About Feelings, here.

I like Lagwagon. They're not a spectacular band, but they're pretty much the epitome of what's great about Fat Wreck Chords. They've been there pretty much since Fat Mike kicked off his label, and provide a slightly less gritty, hardcore approach to So.Cal punk than they might were they on NoFX's own label, Epitaph, operated by the suitably grittier and more hardcore Bad Religion.

Lagwagon though: purveyors of fairly nonsensical lyrics, for all the plaintive posturing; namers of albums such as Hoss and Double Plaidinum; excellent live show-ists (I've seen them just the once, at Deconstruction 2001 in London, where to my mind they were far superior to the headliners Pennywise); and, most importantly, writers of fine tune. May 16th is probably their most famous song, mainstay as it is of the second of Fat Wreck's seminal label samplers. It's also got a great riff, bonkers Joey Cape lyrics and some good stuff elsewhere.

I can paint a picture
In a moment of memories
And there aren't many left
I am extradited,

It's just another saturday

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Em said...

pennywise: fastest. drummer. ever.