Sunrise, Sunset...

On Saturday I composed a post unimaginatively entitled 'Rock Is Dead', bemoaning the general state of indie, rock and the like. As you can probably imagine, it was a fairly familiar-sounding rant blaming everyone except me, and being generally in praise of 'Louie Louie' and Mark Ronson.

Maybe my computer was trying to tell me something, but it reset itself for literally no reason just before I pressed 'publish post', inevitably losing the whole text, the yousendit links, everything. Really, I should compose these in Word and save regulary, but will I learn? Ha! Make me! Anyway, it's probably for the best, as I'm in a much better mood this fine evening.

As I was making my way home from the station, the sun came out just as I passed under a blossoming cherry-tree. After a day of running around after morons (albeit with a compensatory walkie-talkie), this was most cheering. And it really did put me in a better mood. I'm slightly worried by how music can affect you: I'd had my Creative Zen on shuffle and flicked through the miserable songs (not least two separate versions of 'Isolation'), and if you put happy music on, it really does make you a bit happier. I suspect some sort of sublimal conditioning, grooming if you will, but I don't want to make the effort to prove it and bring huge multinational companines to their knees. Because, frankly, I can manage as is. Anyway, said chirpy music brought to mind all sorts of bits of good news I've received over the last few days, predominantly the fact that I had a half tube of salt and vinegar Pringles awaiting my avid attention at home. That, coupled with the fact that I had the concept of Steve The Pirate from Dodgeball rattling around my head all day, helped things along. Pirates are ace. (Incidentally, I challenge you to name a film with better cameos; David Hasselhoff, William Shatner and Chuck Norris? Mighty.)

And so: a slew of chirpiness/summer-related songs, at least one of which was an impulse purchase inspired by a girl I was trying to impress in the upper sixth...

Four Tet - Everything Is Alright

Delirious? - It's OK

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Sun Is Shining

The Undertones - Here Comes The Summer

Kristin Hersh - Sundrops (Strings version, feat. the MacCarricks)

The Cure - Just Like Heaven (Acoustic)

Mark Ronson - Just (curious Radiohead cover)

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