I, quite literally, gotta move

Some boxes with faces, yesterday

They say there's few things more stressful than moving house, and you know, they might just be right. What makes it just plain annoying is when it's forced upon. Some shady agent type dealings and possibly non-existent leaks aside, we're moving out because the place is unfit for human habitation. Which is, let's be honest, rubbish.

But, while a new part of North London will soon experience the joy of Betty's presence, it's not a condusive atmosphere for blogging, so apologies for the lack of anything meaningful recently. It's not that the will isn't there, but the time certainly isn't. Bank Holiday Monday all will be over, if I've finished haulage, and if it's all done, I'm hitting the fairground. Rock and roll is here again, this time with goldfish in bags.

Having thought it through for a good, ooh, minute or so, I'm going to do theme songs.

Frank Black & The Catholics - I Gotta Move
Quite so. This is from the man's first, eponymous, album with his former backing band. I can heartily approve of them as a live set-up, but for some reason, the country stylings of this period Black didn't neccessarily click like his more rawk-based solo outings. Still, worth a goosey gander.
Buy the album/learn about the song (apparently it's about Peter Ivers)

Supergrass - Moving
Again, a fairly literal rendition of the subject buy, y'know, it's got handclaps to spare, and everyone loves handclaps. It's actually got some very tasty thirteenth guitar chords in it, but I'm starting to bore myself so I won't drag you in.

Dead Kennedys - Let's Lynch The Landlord
Sounds reasonable to me.
Buy the album from Alternative Tentacles/Amazon/buy the NO WTO Combo version

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