Hey Mister, You've Got The Best Answerphone Machine Message I Ever Heard

I received literally the best promo item I've ever got today. It was worth going to answer the door in my dressing gown for, it was that pretty. I've got albums I was more excited about before; I've got better music (although obviously, I haven't had a chance to acquaint myself with this one fully yet, it may take some time).

It's black. Not none more black, given the rust red spattered across the front. It's large and beautifully presented. Being a 4AD release, the artwork is a v23 special, created by the very nice Vaughan and Chris (I've met them, I think they were afraid of my friend Leah. You would be). It's pristine.

It's also on vinyl, and therefore trickier to put on here as an mp3. Given my general apathy towards the very thing I slaved towards as a student, I'm not going to bother recording the tracks and putting them up, sorry. Too much work.

It's Scott Walker. You may be thinking what, that Scott Walker? Yes, that Scott Walker. You know, 'The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore'; the Scott 1-4 albums; Tilt... He's still around and appears to be completely barking: if you were expecting admittedly gut-wrenchingly heartfelt, broken-heart pop songs, then you've come to the wrong place. Think more Nick Cave's more boundary-pushing moments, a voice of almost operatic quality touching just that place which makes it uncomfortable to listen. Think songs about the execution of Mussolini ('Clara'), Elvis' stillborn twin ('Jesse'), Slobodan Milosevic ('Buzzers'). Although rumoured, I can't find credited the expected contributions from Liz Fraser and Jarvis Cocker, but it gives you an idea that this man wants to create cerebal, seminal music that doesn't pander to any expectations at all.

On first listen, it's pretty tough going, and makes me think I'm going to have to make myself listen to it. What's not great is that the vinyl format means it can't go on my mp3 player and thusly has eradicated a lot of the listening time it could get (chances are, this'll go to the ace new Adem album).

It also means that I can't give you a preview, so I'm going with a bunch of random stuff I've listened to today.

The Wildhearts - Suckerpunch - toted on release in 1993(!) as the spiritual successor to Ace Of Spades, it really fits the bill. You'll know I love the Wildhearts; I haven't listened to them in far too long.
Buy the album/band

Two versions of the Partridge Family's finest hour:
Clam Abuse - I Think I Love You - Clam Abuse were a Wildhearts spin-off, and if you thought Scott Walker was mental... Great cover though.
Download half the album free/buy
Paul Westerberg & The Painkillers - I Think I Love You - the Paul Westerberg in question being of course the legendary frontperson of the Replacements, one of the finest pop-punk bands there's ever been.
Buy Replacements/buy Westerberg

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