All Together Now...

Clever thing, this interweb: The Hype Machine is one of those fiendishly clever gadgets which someone should really have thought of before, but just didn't. It keeps a magic tab on all mp3 blogs submitted (submit some! Change the world!), and thusly aggregates all the mp3's posted thereon, creating a cheerful and handy place to keep yourself in the know. Want your latest leaks and exclusive tracks in podcast format? Come hither! Want about a gazillion songs about Kentucky? Go thither! Want to listen to somebody mash up Oasis, Green Day and Travis? How could you not?

Want to find a random Billy Bragg cover of Tracks Of My Tears? You know where to go.
How about Sinead O'Connor doing All Apologies?
Then maybe Migala covering Plainsong will be your bag.

This is going to totally send me over the edge...

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