Accidental Nepotism #2: That Was No Accident!

Last time I stumbled across someone I used to know who was making some pretty decent music. This time it's someone I currently know who's making some really good music. It's always a really tricky one: surely everyone's had friends in bands where you just want to say, give up. Give up now before you do someone an injury. Good intentions only get you so far, especially if you make a habit of criticising musicians on a regular basis. Which makes it all the more of a relief when friends of yours make good music. I'm not talking about music which you don't find objectionable; music which you have to listen to over and over again before you can honestly say you like it, and then only because it's stuck in your head. I'm talking about music which grabs you instantly, and which fits in with exactly what you feel like listening to at that exact moment.

I'm gushing slightly. Basically, check out Leaf label maybe, a bit organic, perhaps even more found-sound-y and stop-starty. Great, in other words. Plus, y'know, North London's in at the moment. The mysterious Holocene lives just round the corner from Keiran Hebden, now there's a coup.

Holocene - Where Did The Day Go?
Holocene - If They Could See Us From Space
Holocene - Lookout, Mountain!

To clarify the matter, we're not talking the Portland-based enterprise, fun though that undeniably looks.

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Em said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww, simone!
If I ever get sleeve notes, you're getting a big ol' thanks. It's God, then you.