Spotty Dress Take 2

For sake of completeness, an addendum to a previous post - thank you lost architect for the hint to Hot Puppies. I think I still prefer the Chalets (you can download my favourite track Gay Holiday on abstract boy somewhere, although I can't find it - try Torture Garden, he said, slyly nicking the direct link, sorry!) but the HPs are not too shabby at all. Except they're from Wales. Nobody's perfect.
The Hot Puppies - Green Eyeliner

If all this glitz and glamour ain't your scene, maybe you'd like some real heartbreakin' country. If you're familiar with the old-timey music at all (other than the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack) then Gillian Welch will be one you know. It's country music stripped to it's barest bones, some fiendish yet beautiful playing and Welch's voice, which would tear the soul from the most hepped up raver. If you're not familiar, then maybe you know the song: Black Star, originally of course by Messrs Radio of Head.

Tell me how you like the tracks, I enjoy the feedback. Also say thanks to Mr TobaFett, who provided me with the Gillian Welch track.

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