North London Monopoly

Just because I can, and it would be better than the new London one, no doubt about it.


Tottenham High Road and Edmonton Green - most likely the poorest and dodgiest parts of the area, least desirable to live in, as well. Tottenham is not without it's charms, but Edmonton has literally nothing going for it. Apart from a house for £60!


Finsbury Park, Green Lanes and Turnpike Lane - While not neccessarily the most salubrious, these areas are charming, interesting and full of fun things like more kebab shops than the rest of the country put together.


Stoke Newington Church Street, Stamford Hill and Seven Sisters - although Seven Sisters is pushing it to say upwardly mobile, the comparatively pleasant surroundings of the next part of the A10 makes up for it. Is there anyway I can incorporate Abney Park cemetery in there? Or some sort of bagel shop reference in a Community Chest card?


Wood Green, Palmers Green Triangle and Winchmore Hill Green - progressing up Green Lanes here, this covers a wide range of area, from Wood Green's um, lovely, Shopping City, up to Winchmore's more select village green. It's a classy area you know, they have to bus in the Winchmore Hill Massive from Edmonton. How much does a Grecian urn? Enough to keep selling baklava in a little bakery near the North Circ, thats how much.


Camden Town, Kentish Town Road and Tufnell Park - this would go under Northern Line Black, were there such an option. From the massive terraces of Tufnell Park, down past the Bull & Gate and the Forum, to the sweeping array of multi-layered and -coloured hairstyles in Camden Town Home Of Britpop, wending your way from Spaced country to a cheap, indie orientated bar with an eclectic jukebox. It may be cultural tourism if you're from out of the area, but to those who know, it's a Way Of Life.
That said, I don't really like Camden as such, except for all the food stalls in the market.


Muswell Hill, Crouch End and Alexandra Palace - although Ally Pally is a bit of a non-entity of a locale in some respects, it has a Bengal Bertie's, which places it highly on my list. Plus, you know, a massive great Palace. And deer. As for pushchair land, home of Muswell Hillbillies and Crouch End mums, what more can be said? Crocodile Antiques and Banners deserve almost their own squares on the board.


Angel Islington, Upper Street and Highbury - Out of deference to tradition, we've got to keep at least one from the original board. But, no longer is Angel a pale, shameful blue. Now, it stands proud as a majestic green, with the jewel in it's crown of, um, the Business Design Centre? The N1 Centre? Whatever, if you want an expensive yet wonderful little trinket, there's no better place. As for Upper Street, stretching past legions of posh restaurants and a Nando's... And Highbury, what a fine little place, shame about the hulking great stadium eh?

Dark Blue

Hampstead and Highgate - What else could it be? The two fanciest, dearest, prettiest parts of the town, filled with crepes, charity bookshops, boutiques, public houses of the old school, and at least one cinema with sofas.

So, Waddingtons? Leave me a comment, I'll get right back to you.


eyes only said...

Oh I am so happy. I just booked a flight to london on april the 24th and will be there for three days!! I´m looking forward to visit this great city again! Greetings from Germany!

Oh Simone said...

You'll be there for my birthday, which although I don't know you is a fine choice of time to come.

librarybod said...

I see famous people