Give Yourself To Them

I came across the Infadels firstly by recommendation from the guitarist's (I think) girlfriend, maybe summer 2004. I was then prodded and poked by several people, possibly zombies, who'd seen them at this last year's Glasto and came back raving, in several terms. Maybe still head-nodding away like Tyres from Spaced on the one hand, but on the other full of praise for this incredible dance/rock band they'd seen. So, we all trouped to the Metro to watch this band, and lo! They actually were really, really good.

Whether you'd have believed a Buster Bloodvessel-alike singer (replete with big tongue), a wicked-sharp hatted guitarist and a keyboardist whacking binlids together and waving smiley acid faces around, to be a good band is a matter of taste. But, man, do they put on a fun show. Like big bundles of latent energy each one, with their songs sounding like 'My Sharona' done by Ladytron (I like that one, I might use that again).

And, fortunately for us, looks like the album is pretty hot too: it certainly cheered me up after a day of joy assuaging nutters and acting all Judge Dredd to angry enquirers. So for your delectation, I've yousendit'd Love Like Semtex: enjoy.

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